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Italy,Naples,The lucky horn, also known as cornicello or cornetto (Neapolitan curniciello), is a traditional amulet widespread especially in southern Italy.<br />
it is often produced in red color. The traditional material in this case is coral. It is intended to be effective against evil eye and jinx. The red cornetto is one of the most famous lucky charms in Naples. Its shape represents the phallus of Priapus, god of prosperity. The croissant is, in fact, a wish for good luck but to be able to work you must respect three simple rules:<br />
<br />
- the horn must be strictly red, because it is the color of blood and therefore of life;<br />
<br />
- the horn must be handmade so that whoever creates it transmits positive energies on the object; [no source]<br />
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- the horn must be a gift to wish luck and protection.