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The Church of Heavenly Christians (Ijo Mimo ti Kristi lati Orun wa, in yoruba and A Gun Wiwe Olon Ton in fongbè) is a recently born African syncretic faith. It was founded in Porto Novo (Benin) in 1947 by a Yoruba carpenter, "Samuel Oshoffa". The latter, following a vision, was able to perform miracles. The movement then spread to Nigeria (Ikeja, Lagos) quickly and with great success throughout West Africa.<br />
He absorbed various elements of the Protestant Christian liturgy such as songs, prayers and readings from the biblical passages, especially from the Old Testament. At the same time, he took on vvoodoo practices, such as dance to the beat of the drums, trance and the common meal at the end of the ceremony. During the possession the adepts receive the gift of prophecy and communicate, often in unknown languages, messages to the priests. There are also healings of sick faithful with sprinkling of holy water that drives out evil spirits including Satan. "