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Italy,Naples,Museo San Domenico Maggiore, The Sacristy and the Aragonese Arks<br />
The current appearance is that given in the eighteenth century; along the perimeter of the magnificent room run, at the bottom, elegantly made wooden wardrobes, made by Giovan Battista Nauclerio (director of all the internal architecture and furnishings), while the vault was frescoed by Francesco Solimena with a painting entitled "Triumph of the Faith on heresy by the Dominicans "(1707). Polychrome marbles, stuccos, inlays populate the mystical atmosphere of the Sacristy: these are eighteenth-century transformations intended to "modernize" the room that housed the royal pantheon.<br />
We look up and on the gallery ("passetto dei morti"), about 4-5 m high, we discover the presence of 42 trunks containing the bodies of nobles of the Aragon family, including ten kings and dignitaries.